If you want protection from flood damage, now is a good time to upgrade your home drainage system and let the city of Toronto cover the cost. Homeowners in eligible areas have a chance to participate in the Flooding Subsidy Program.

Since the GTA municipal sewer system was overwhelmed with extra rainfall in recent years, there are plans to upgrade city wastewater capacity. An assessment of the sewer system also found that modifications to individual homes would take some of the pressure off the municipal system, and save homeowners millions in preventable damage to their homes. However, homeowners must hire a licensed contractor to do the waterproofing and upgrades.

This is where an experienced, licensed, waterproofing company like Aquamaster can come to the rescue. We have helped many homeowners in the GTA secure a city subsidy covering up to 80% of parts and labor – up to $3,400 – to offset the costs of upgrading their drainage system.

There are only certain types of upgrades that are eligible for the subsidy reimbursement. Aquamaster professionals specialize in these particular upgrades including: Adding a backwater valve, installing or upgrading a sump pump, and pipe capping and severance from the city sewage system.


Under normal conditions all sanitary wastewater, including rainwater, flows into the main sewer system without a problem. The trouble starts when the central sewer system becomes overwhelmed with extra water and starts pushing the excess back into the pipes connecting to area homes. Without a cutoff valve, all homes connected to Toronto’s sewer system run the risk of having sanitary sewage pushed back into their basements.

This type of flooding is preventable with a backwater valve. A backwater valve is installed on the lateral pipe that carries sanitary sewage from your home to the municipal sewer system. The valve is usually installed at the point where the main sewage pipe from your home meets the underground lateral pipe that runs from your property to the city’s sewer system. If there is a surge of backed up water or sewage from the municipal system the backwater valve automatically turns on to keep sewer water flowing in one direction – away from your home.


A sump pump is a crucial tool in the battle to keep water out of your basement. A sump pump installation has to be done just right – otherwise it can do more harm than good. If the pump has to work too hard without time to rest it may not only flood the basement, it can also destroy any electrical wiring nearby causing a power outage.

All sump pumps should have a battery backup to keep the motor working in the event of an emergency. In many instances, it’s wise to have a whole backup sump pump installed. A licensed contractor can help you decide on the best setup to keep floodwater out of your basement.


If your eaves trough downspouts are feeding into a main pipe on your property that connects to the municipal sewer system, you may be contributing to Toronto’s flooding problem without knowing it. The pipes that connect the overflow of rainwater from your home to the city sewer system can be capped off and rerouted elsewhere.

The flood subsidy program provides reimbursement to homeowners who cap off these pipes and sever their connection to the city sewer system. Rainwater and other precipitation can be rerouted from the downspouts into a safe alternative such as a rain garden or rain barrel.

Aquamaster flood and waterproofing experts are all licensed with the city of Toronto, and experienced with flood modifications to homes all over the GTA.

The Aquamaster staff is approved for the Toronto Flood Subsidy Program, which requires that only licensed Toronto contractors do the work. A city inspector will have to approve all applications and do an on site inspection to verify that all covered work has been completed by a professional contractor. Call us today for a free estimate, so we can start your city application process.

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