Is your water bill much higher than you expected? Maybe, you had to call an emergency plumber because of a clogged drain. Regardless, these plumbing expenses can easily add up. Fortunately, they can be easily prevented to help you save money and avoid unnecessary hassles. 

Plumbing Tips to Save You Money

Here are 5 plumbing tips to save you money:

1. Check for leaky faucets

You should check for leaky faucets to save you money. If you notice a dripping tap or a leaking faucet, repair or replace your faucet to avoid wasting water. One of the common causes behind a leaky faucet is a worn out washer. Every time you use your faucet, the washer is forced against the valve seat, creating a constant friction and eventually wearing it out. There are also other causes such as a problem in the O ring, a corrode valve seat, and improper installation of the washer. 

2. Check for signs of leaks 

You should check for signs of leaks to save you money. You won’t be able to spot all water leaks with your naked eye, some water leaks are hidden so it’ll require some detective work. One of the most common ways to check for hidden leaks is to check your water meter. The first thing you need to do is to stop using your running water. Then, locate your water meter and write down the number indicated. In a couple hours, go back and check the water meter gain. If the number on the water meter has changed, this means you have a hidden leak somewhere in your home. 

3. Check your water heater 

You should check your water heater to save you money. Did you know old water heaters can drain your electric and gas bill? So replacing your water heater is one of the best ways to lower your utility bills. In addition, you should check if water is pooling beneath your tank. If so, this is an obvious sign of trouble and requires immediate replacement because it can eventually flood your entire home. 

4. Keep fats and oil out of your drains 

You should keep fats and oil out of your drains. If you keep pouring fats and oil down the drain, it’ll eventually slow the drain or clog the pipes. So after you’re done frying fries, bacon, or fried chicken, you should use the correct disposal method. You can dispose of cooking oil by putting oil in the trash once it cools, reusing the oil to fry more food, or recycling the oil.  

5. Get a plumbing inspection

You should get a plumbing inspection. A licensed plumber can examine the plumbing throughout your home to see if you’re losing water through leaks, blockages, and other potential causes. Finding and fixing leaks early will help you save money and reduce your chances of damages in the future. 

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