As a home owner the last thing you want happening in your house is a backed-up drain. If you are in the market for a new home, especially if you are looking at an older home, you should have a home inspector do a drain inspection to establish the condition of your drain pipes.

Having a clogged drain can range from a simple sink clog where a clog can affect a sink or a shower, to an extreme main sewer line clog where you will need a drain repair crew to dig through the ground and replace a part of your main sewer line. A venture like this is quite costly and not pleasant to deal with. 

In a worst-case scenario, a clogged drain line can cause sewer back up where all sinks, showers and toilets will be clogged. Now that we have established that drain clogs are very unpleasant and can be very costly, let’ talk about the solution. 

How to Prevent Drain Clogs in Your Home

Here are 5 ways to prevent drain clogs in your home:

1. Perform drain treatment on a regular basis 

I want to say treat your drains on monthly basis but I know it can get a little much so quarterly will do. Most people don’t treat their drains at all. You can use Enzymes to treat your drains by putting them straight into the toilet or sink and running hot water afterwards. 

2.Go easy on your kitchen drain

This is an obvious one but you would be surprised how many people put larger chunks of food down the kitchen drain. Even grain foods like rice can cause damage because they swell over time and cause a clog. 

3. Avoid putting hair down your bathroom sink

The thinks about hair is that it is tough to disintegrate. Most often hair will get tangled inside your drain and serve as net to prevent other things from going down your drain. Take the hair of your brush and put it right in the garbage. 

4. Don’t forget about tree roots

If you have trees around your house, roots can get in your pipes and cause a clog. There are two different ways to prevent his. You can either remove some of the trees near your house or use a root killer twice a year. The best time to use a root killer is in the spring and fall. All you need to do is flush the root killer down your toilet. 

5. Have your drains cleaned by a professional 

To prevent major Drain repair issues, it is a good idea to get a professional drain cleaning company to come in and flush your drains. Especially if you live in an older house that has not  had their drains cleaned in a while. 

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