Low water pressure in your home is definitely a source of anger especially when it makes some annoying activities as washing dishes last longer. You don’t have to settle for an extremely long and difficult shower. If low water pressure is your problem, do not bug yourself more about it because here are some possible reasons for your disturbances.

What is Causing My Low Water Pressure?

Your Fixtures

One of the most common reasons is improper fixtures. They can be old, rusty and clogged by limestone and dirt. The flow is slowed down and the quality of the water is getting worse each day. To check if this is your reason, simply turn your faucets (one by one) and see which one has the issue. Try to keep the screen and aerator on the faucets clean and clear. If they are clogged they can worsen water pressure for your entire water system. You may need to clean or replace a fixture. While buying new ones, get something that fits because that may have been the reason for your low water pressure all along.


This process occurs mostly in old homes which have old and galvanized iron pipes. Signs for this are weird taste and smell of water, clogged pipes (thus low water pressure), leaks in your home and blue/green stains in water (if pipes are made out of copper) or red/brown rusty color of water (if pipes are made out of iron). If your plumbing is corroded, consider replacing it because the inside of your pipes is definitely damaged. Put new copper pipes which last longer; or PEX pipes that are both flexible and cost lest. The whole renovation may be expensive and tiring; but it will prevent further damage from happening to your home.

Loose Valve

Sometimes the solutions are very simple. A pretty common problem is a loose valve. Valves are shut-offs that control the water in your home. There are two valves for each home. The first one is the main valve, it is city propriety and is located on a street near the water meter. The second one is at your home. It is either of your outside walls; or in your basement and garage. For the water to flow at its fullest capacity, both of the valves should be fully opened. So to fix your problem you either have to turn open a valve located in a mysterious location in your home or call the people who are responsible for the main valve.

Broken Pressure Regulator

Your plumbing system can have a pressure regulator. Sometimes they start failing at their job so they should be fixed or replaced. A pressure regulator is a valve that controls the input pressure in your pipes so they won’t get damaged. This is probably your reason if the change in water pressure occurs suddenly. Because with a failed pressure regulator you can also have high water pressure, which can do some serious damage to your pipes.  


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