Before you greet your new neighbors and you start decorating the place and moving in your furniture, try to check for all possible issues in your new home especially if it’s an old one.

Here are the 5 things you should do when you first move into an older house for a more positive living experience:

1. Change the Locks

To ensure the safety of your home, the first thing you should do is change the locks. You don’t know how many people have the keys from your new house. While changing the lock, you can even upgrade it by installing a safer and secure locking system. Lock replacement can cost to about 100 dollars and it is worth the money since it gives stability and peace of mind.

2. Clean the Ducts

Older homes may have malfunctioning air ducts. They can be filled with dirt, mold, debris and pesticide. Plus, if they aren’t functioning properly they can increase your energy bills. So. one of things you should do when moving in is schedule a duct cleaning. This will make sure that you’re breathing the freshest air possible in your home.

3. Check Your Windows

While older houses, especially vintage historic ones can be extremely stylish and well built, they usually have window problems. The wooden frames of the windows might be loose or rotten. Also, older windows have single pane glass unlike the modern ones which have 3 or more panes. With window replacement, you will polish your home and not only give it a new look, but also reduce on high electricity bills and safety issues.

4. Waterproof the Basement

If your older home has a basement, it probably has old piping systems and frequent floods too. Also, the look of your basement isn’t something to ignore, since it can increase home value and even provide you with an extra cash source as you can rent out the area. Make sure to properly waterproof your basement to stop wall cracks and basement floods. This will prove to be beneficial especially in rainy or snowy days.

5. Inspect your Sewer

If you didn’t have a drain camera inspection before you moved into the house, then you must do it right afterwards. Your home cannot speak and it is hard to notice if you have tree roots blocking the pipes or disconnecting sewer lines. You also do not know how the previous owners treated the house as they may have been flushing oil and garbage down the drains or making improper DIY repairs. Camera sewer inspections aren’t that expensive and they will let you know about any piping and sewage problems in your new home.

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