Wall cracks are very common for homes. They can appear in older homes as well as in new ones. The latter happens when the home takes time in settling and adjusting. Usually, that time lasts from 8 to 12 years.

Those kinds of wall cracks are easily fixed, but there are also more dangerous ones which need the touch of a qualified expert. Here is some helpful information on wall cracks and how to deal with them.

Basement Wall Crack Repair


The reasons for wall cracks are different for each household. The reason can be from a leaky pipe to a house adapting to a new renovation. You can recognize the cause for your wall cracks by specific characteristics as size or colour.

For instance discolouration around the crack signify mold thus pipe or sump pump malfunctions or bursts. If this is how your crack looks, then call the plumber and check for excess water in your walls. On the other hand, a thin straight crack can be due to the faulty taping. This can occur while installing dry panels. Faulty taping means not having enough mud below the tape to keep it firm and to fix these cracks you’ll only need to re-tape and re-paint your wall.

Sometimes homes need time adjusting to new renovations or construction. Walls may start having hairline cracks over newly installed doors or windows. These cracks only need to be re-taped and re-painted. The most dangerous cracks are the large, jagged and diagonal ones. They signify structural and construction issues. These structural issues can happen due to termite attacks or shifted foundation. It is best to call a contractor for solving them.


As said before, some cracks can be solved by simple repainting or re-taping. But structural or foundation wall cracks need different and more complicated methods for solving. Usually, there are two ways of repairing them. They are fixed either by using the internal or external method.


Finding a way to internally solve your wall crack issue is known as crack injection technique. What this means is that the crack will be injected with a component called epoxy. If the expert is facing moisture in the crack, they will need to previously clean it with polyurethane injections which turns moisture into foam within 72 hours. Internal solutions


The external solution is a less wanted option by homeowners and contractors as it involves excavation and wall cutting. This method has the goal to expose the crack from the outside so the contractor can cut it into a 45-degree angle on both sides. With doing this he or she makes the crack wider and fills it with hydraulic cement which acts as a waterproofing solution. After a while, this type of cement expands and ensures a sealed crack and a dry and spotless wall.

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