Cleaning and repairing drains can be easily done in cases of small malfunctions. To recognize you have drainage issues, start observing the way water behaves in your home. There are several signs of clogged or broken drains and pipes.

These signs include mold growth, slow drainage, sewer back-ups, wall cracks or leaks and unpleasant odours. Here are some ways you can clean and repair drains. These steps ensure a healthier living environment as they prevent mold and frequent floods or leaks.

Different Ways to Clean and Repair Your Drains

1. Baking Soda & Vinegar

If you want to clean drains the old fashioned way then mixing 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1/3 cup of vinegar is the solution for you. Both of these substances are recommended for every kind of issues including acne. In the case of drains, this mixture removes bacteria build up, grease, organic residues and mineral deposits, making your drains spotless and clog free.

2. Drain Snakes

Some drainage issues require drain snakes for their fixing. Drain snakes are spinning cables with blades on the tip. It is a sort of twisty machine that gets put into your drain and cuts through every kind of debris. Drain snakes can be used for basement floor drains, laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms, kitchens. They cannot be used for more complicated drainage issues like below surface or in-wall obstructions.

3. Ice, Lemons Peels & Salt

If you have fine working and stinky drains at the same time then it means that you are facing bacteria and organic residue build up on the garbage disposal grinder. There is an easy and natural way of fixing this. You just have to fill the garbage disposal with a couple of ice cubes, few strokes of salt and lemon peels. The garbage disposal will grind this mixture and thus heal on its own. The solutions of these three ingredients ensure maximum garbage disposal refreshment.

4. Hydro Jetting

High-pressure water jetting, also known as Hydro jet is a drain cleaning mechanism. It consists of a hose with nozzles and terminals. The difference between high jets and a regular hose is that high jets are attached to machines which induce high-pressure water for cleaning and unclogging drains. The force of water in undisputable and this is what makes hydro jetting the only cleaning method which gets rid of unwanted tree roots clogging the drain. It is similar but more advanced to drain snaking as it takes care of bigger and more complicated issues.

5. Heating Pads

Some homeowners decide to buy heating pads. This is done to avoid sewage back-ups and clogs due to improper cooking oil disposals. Heating pads are put under the sink, around the trap pipes. When turned on they warm up the pipe and melt grease clogs. After you turn the heating pad on, make sure to run hot water through the drain. This is an additional measure for having more successful drain cleanups.

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