We usually use basements as storage spaces. This is because most basements aren’t suitable for entertainment and living areas. However, if you invest in basement waterproofing, insulation, window wells, and a few furniture pieces, your basement will look like a mansion. Besides increasing home value, you can make additional revenue from renting that space.

What Causes Moisture in Basement?

But first, you just need to get rid of moisture, water leaks, and mold. There are tons of reasons for moist basements. From a loose window to structural damage, here are the common culprits:

High Humidity

When hot water ( in the form of gas) whether from a shower or washing dishes, gets in contact with cold walls and windows, it transforms into colt little water droplets. This creates so-called moisture in the living area. Usually, water vapor exits your home, but if you have insufficient windows or you use water very often, it stays inside.

To solve this completely natural and harmless moisture, run a dehumidifier or open up the windows more frequently. If left unsolved, it can lead to more dangerous issues such as asthma attacks, wall cracks, mold growth, and allergies. Some homes may need to install additional windows since improper ventilation always increases humidity levels.

Cracks & Leaks

The most common cause of damp basements are cracks and water leaks in the windows, floors, and walls. The cracks happen because the material of the wall, floor or window didn’t have enough strength to withstand water pressure. Excess water can come from different places and when it accumulates, strong pressure is made on the foundation walls and floors.

To fight against this pressure, homeowners do basement waterproofing, garden weeping tile installation, roof replacements, and frequent gutter cleaning. After that crack evolves, basement leaks start occurring, increasing water levels in the interior and damaging your comfort and furniture.

Poor Drainage

The reasons why this water accumulates in the first place is because of poor drainage systems. Either your pipes are old, broken or improperly placed. A leaky pipe in the interior of walls may go unnoticed for years. However, it does tremendous damage for you and your home’s health. To check if your pipes are doing ok, do regular inspections and put your mind at ease.

Besides old age and breaks, your drainage may be poor because it is insufficiently placed. If you have bad soil or lots of rain throughout the year, installing additional drainage systems is highly recommended: weeping tile or trenches in the backyard and gutters on the roof.

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