Plumbing problems are very common, especially in rainy climates and older homes. Everyone has faced at least once in their lifetime and some people face them on a regular basis. Besides contacting a professional plumber, here is how to DIY fix your plumbing issues:

How do you Fix Common Plumbing Problems?

Leaks and Floods

Leaks and floods happen all the time. They aren’t necessarily the root of your plumbing issue, but a consequence from it. Tons of homes have flooded during rainy and snowy seasons and they usually occur in the basement. Depending on the room and cause, there is a number of ways you can fix these leaks:
• Window leak – replace or repair the window
• Basement leak & flood – install a basement waterproofing system
• Ceiling or attic leak – replace or repair the roof or gutters
• Kitchen or bathroom leak – inspect, clean and fix your pipes

Damages Pipes

Most plumbing problems come from faulty piping. With time pipes clog, detach and even burst. The things that can clog a pipe are many, including cooking oil, food, mineral build up, pesticide, dirt and tree roots. A clogged pipe can be fixed by using either drain snakes, plungers or homemade recipes. However, if the pipe is detached or broken, you are in need of a professional hand. Detached or burst pipes create much bigger leaks than clogged ones.

Homemade Recipes

The most effective natural remedy for unclogging a pipe is by mixing hot water, baking soda and vinegar. First, pour a pot of hot water down the drain, then pour 1/2 c. of baking soda. After a few minutes pour 1c vinegar and 1c hot water. Cover the area with a drain plug so nothing gets out on the surface. After it sits for 10-15 minutes, pour hot water once more.
You can also use vinegar to unclog showerheads and faucets. These cause low water pressure which is another common plumbing issue in homes.

Drippy Faucet

80% of homes have a dripping faucet either in the bathroom or in the kitchen. This doesn’t look like a major problem, but the amount of water lost annually is approximately 3000 gallons. Fortunately, it is very easy to fix. The causes for the dripping might be worn out O-rings, valve or washer build up, corrosion or detached parts.
To fix it you should slowly take apart the faucet, check where the problem is and fix it accordingly. For worn out O-rings, simply buy new ones and for build ups and corrosion use the homemade recipe above. But if the corrosion or the leak is massive, you probably need to replace your faucet.

Water Heater Issues

Nobody wants to wait a thousand years for taking a shower. But many water heaters are old and need more time to heat up our water. Sometimes the opposite can happen and the water can be too hot to handle. So if you have one of these problems, your heater is damaged.
The first thing you should do is check the warranties. Water heaters aren’t immortal and need to be replaced, usually after 8-12 years. If your heater is fairly young, then the problem lies elsewhere. The most common situation is mineral build up which after it’s clean, your heater will start working entirely normal. The second situation is loose or damaged parts for which you must contact a professional.

Sewer Backup

The nastiest problem of all is sewer backup. This is when water from the sewers enters your home either through the toilet, basement, showerhead or drain. The causes for this backup are many, but the most common are faulty and clogged sewer piping. Sometimes the problem should be fixed by the city and sometimes by you. To fix this problem, you must call a professional and to protect yourself from it in the future, you need to install a basement waterproofing system with a sump pump and a backwater valve.

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