A homeowner’s least wanted visitor is a basement flood. Nobody likes them. They are messy, stinky and difficult to handle, but despite our wishes, they happen very often. Whether due to a disconnected sewer line or because of a tree root clogging a pipe, your basement can get flooded in no time.
So besides doing basement waterproofing, here are 5 useful tips for maintaining the health of your home and basement.

5 Tips To Prevent Basement Flooding

Clean Up Regularly

The first tip is to regularly clean and inspect your home, especially the piping and drainage systems. With time, debris, leaves and pesticides can clog your pipes, resulting in bursts and floods. You should check and clean your piping on a regular basis. It is widely recommended to schedule drain camera inspections and drain snakes at least once in a year or two.
Additionally, you should clean your gutters as well. If they haven’t been cleaned 2 times a year, once in autumn and once in spring, they will clog and cause water to travel into your walls and right into your basement. The worse thing damaged gutters can lead to is severe foundation damage and ceiling collapse.

Seal Up The Cracks

Water is mischievous. It travels everywhere and exploits every weak spot it can find. This is why leaks and cracks occur. Whether on the walls or on the flooring, these cracks and leaks should be properly sealed and protected. Imagine having a tooth cavity and leaving it open and unfixed for decades. The feeling won’t be pleasant right?
The same thing goes for cracks and leaks. The sooner you seal them, the better for your home. After you fix the cracks, you should cover the whole surface with a waterproofing solution. This way, you will have extra protection from the power of unwanted, excess water.

Check The Sump Pump

The most important part of a basement waterproofing mechanism is a sump pump. Its main role is to collect all excess water and pump it out from your basement when necessary. This pump is required for rainy and snowy areas. This is because water accumulates, especially when the weather isn’t that pleasant. But, besides installing a sump pump, you should properly maintain it as well.
First, the sump pump you install must be of an appropriate size and quality. Second, the number of sump pumps must be sufficient (some homes need two or more). Third and final, the sump should have a lid and be regularly cleaned from debris.

Install A Window Well

If you are one of those people who see investments in the most unusual places, the basement is surely a thing to consider. Fully furnished and functional basements significantly increase a home’s value and provide additional living space, which can be rented out. Almost all homeowners who rent out or live in their basements have window wells.
This is because these window wells are very efficient. They enable natural light and ventilation to enter and make an addition to your drainage system. Remember though, a window well isn’t anything without its cover which prevents debris and dirt to enter the drainage. Window wells also improve aesthetical value since they can be decorated as well.

Maintain The Yard

Before modern drainage systems, people learnt how to easily deal with floods themselves. One of the methods was building a home on a hill. Why did they do this? Well, besides for security reasons, they also wanted to minimize the chance for flooding. Water follows the laws of gravity and a proper home should be graded correctly to ensure all waterfalls downhill and not around the basement.
There are many ways to fix a house with bad grading, one of them are green roofs, rain gardens, rain spouts diversion and digging up a swale. If you notice that your yard is sloped toward your exterior walls, immediately call an expert to find an effective solution.

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