More often than not, water heaters are ignored until they break down. The level of inconveniences experienced during a failure of water heaters is better imagined. The reason is that you do not realize how indispensable your water heater is until it stops working. To prevent your appliance from failing you, it is essential that you take the steps explained below to make your water heater perform optimally and reliably.

How do I Make My Water Heater Last Longer?

1. Flush the Water Tank

Over time, debris can build in the water tank, and that will reduce the efficiency of your water heater, which will cause your appliance to binge on energy and increase your energy bills. As a result, you should drain some gallons of water out of the tank for examination. If you notice dirt or debris, flush and clean the water tank thoroughly. With or without debris found in the tank, flush your tank every 3 years.

2. Inspect the Anode Rod

There is a piece of metal that is placed in water heaters to attract all forms of corrosion to itself before getting to the steel in the tank. This is to prevent the tank from rusting. Check if the this has not corroded itself totally. If it has corroded, the chances are that the water heater tank will begin to rust. Do not wait for the anode rod to corrode completely, change it as soon as it has corroded more than half-day or every 2-3 years depending on the frequency of use of the water heater.

3. Install an Expansion Tank

Another way to make your water heater last longer is to add an expansion tank to your water heater to cater to an overflow or backflow of hot water from the water heater tank due to the expansion of the water molecules as a result of heating. The expansion tank would prevent water from overflowing to the body of the tank and damage the water heater.

4. Invest in Water Softer

It has been proven that hard water leaves high mineral deposits in a water heater tank and causes the appliance to work harder to get water adequately heated. This results in a lower lifespan of the appliance. To avoid this undesired happening, install a water softener to reduce mineral deposits buildup in the water heater tank.
As you prioritize the basement waterproofing of your home, keeping your water heater in a highly functional state is equally essential for hassle-free use of your bathroom. Follow the tips above to make your water heater last longer.

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