A clogged drain is a serious health risk if not fixed early. The earlier you discover the warning signs of a clogged drain, the better. Allowing your drain to be clogged can result in costly repairs and make your family exposed to contaminated water that can jeopardize their health.

How Do I Know if My Drain is Clogged?

To keep your home, property, and family safe from a clogged drain and its health risks, here are five signs to know that your drain is clogged.

1. The Smell

The first sign that will alert you of a clogged drain is the foul smells coming from the drain pipes. The lousy smell is an indication that your drain has been blocked. The smell is usually the first sign that will emerge before other symptoms. As a result, do not ignore any unusual odor in your home.

2. Water Backing Up

Another way to know that you have a clogged drain in your home is the backing up of water in various parts of the house. First, you will hear a gurgling sound in the toilets when you flush them as well as standing water in bathtubs, showers, kitchen sink, etc. As soon as you see water backing up in your home, call a professional plumber to help you unblock your clogged drain.

3. Slow Drainage

Before an eventual backing up of water in your home, you must have noticed that your sinks are draining very slowly. They may not even empty at times. Also, your dishwasher or washing machine will still be full of water after the completion of a cycle. These are warning signs that your home will experience a clogged drain shortly.

4. Gurgling Drains

When you flush your toilet, and you hear bubbling or gurgling sound, that indicates that air is trapped in the drains. Besides, you can also hear the gurgling sound in the kitchen sink and bathtub as the water gets expelled through them. Your drains may be clogged by grease, oil, food, hair, or tree root intrusion. Call an expert immediately you hear the gurgling sound to fix your clogged drain.

5. Drain Flies

You should be observant of the presence of flies in your home. Flies are quickly attracted to the build-up of waste in the clogged drain. When you notice fruit flies in your kitchen or around your home, you should realize that your drain is clogged. These files are usually found around septic tanks and sewers. Their presence in your kitchen should trigger your suspicion.

The above signs will notify you of a clogged drain in your house. Do not neglect the signs, as a clogged drain has a potential risk of damage to your home and infections to your family.