Having to clean up your home or business after an incident that leaves major water damage, is a long and challenging process. Water damage restoration specialists help lessen the burden of having to go through this difficult process by helping restore your property back to its original form.

Water damage restoration is the process of removing any remaining water, cleaning up the damage, and restoring the space back to its original state.

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Even small amounts of water can cause lasting damage, the earlier you are able to spot potential water issues, the quicker you can get the problem resolved. Here are a few ways to recognize potential water damage scenarios.

  • Damp areas or pooling water
  • Dripping or leaking pipes
  • Moist or soft spots on drywall
  • Musty odors (an indication of hidden mold)
  • Cracks in basement foundation walls

When most people think about water damage they think about above ground flooding. Even though flooding will cause extensive damage to your home or business, water can enter through a variety of other ways, including:

  • Broken Pipes
  • Malfunctioning/overflowing plumbing fixtures
  • Leaky roof
  • Municipal Sewage backup
  • Not have proper basement waterproofing at your home
  • Window leaks

Once water enters your home or business it can lead to several health and safety issues. A thin layer of water covering any floor surface is potential for a slip and fall accident, but beyond that standing water is the ideal environment for bacteria growth. Even once the standing water is cleared away, any organic material such as drywall, wood, and carpeting have the potential for mold growth, posing additional health risks.

Water damage restoration specialists have the tools and experience to be able to clean up any remaining water and monitor potential issues so that they can quickly return your property to its previous state, without risking any long-term damage to the structure. The process may vary from company to company, but generally, the procedure begins with a specialist coming to inspect your property. They will look for potential causes of the damage if there is an additional risk of damage and the extent of the damage caused by the water. They should also give you a written quote on the cost of the restoration project at this point. Once they get the go ahead to begin, they will extract any remaining water left in the structure, from there they will remove any damaged furniture and building material. Once the area has been cleared they will completely dry out the area using special fans and dehumidifiers as well as disinfect the area. Once the area is completely free of any leftover moisture, the restoration company will usually complete mold testing to ensure there is no hidden mold growth. As long as the test comes back negative, the cleaning process has officially ended, and reconstruction of your home’s or business’s interior can begin.

Dealing with water damage is a frustrating situation, but with a reputable water restoration company on your side, the process will be completed correctly and efficiently. Just remember to call your insurance company and to document all of the damage with photos and video prior to the restoration experts removing any damaged items and building materials. This will help your claim process go smoothly as well.