Water damage is a terrifying incident that many homeowners dread so much that they leave no stone unturned to prevent. From the inconveniences that water damage causes to expensive water damage restoration, it is better to prevent water damage than opt for water damage restoration. As a homeowner, you must take adequate measures to prevent your home from water damage. If you pay attention to the tips discussed below, you will protect your home against basement flooding and water damage. Here are tips on protecting your house from water damage.

How can I protect my house from water damage?

1. Extend the Eavestrough

If the downspouts attached to the roof’s eavestrough are too close to the foundation, the chances are high that you would experience basement flooding and water damage once in a while. To prevent this from happening, extend the downspouts about two feet away from the foundation so that rainwater gets discharged away from the basement.

2. Regular Plumbing System Inspection

Water damage can be caused by damage to the plumbing system. Therefore, ensure to check hoses that connect to your dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator. Also, make sure that your faucets and all pipes are in good condition. Replace any dripping faucets and all hoses at least every five to seven years.

3. Basement Waterproofing

Water damage restoration costs much more than basement waterproofing. As a result, contact an experienced contractor to waterproof your basement professionally. Seal all cracks and holes. Create a functional channel for water to move away from your basement. Make sure that water cannot leak into your home by perfectly waterproofing your basement.

4. Install Sump Pump

The sump pump installation is an integral part of basement waterproofing. Installing a functional sump pump will keep your basement free from flooding by pumping water away from the basement. You should hire a specialist to install a sump pump in your home.

5. Install Water Leak Alarms

Take advantage of the advancement in technology by installing water leak alarms in your home. The water leak alarms will notify you of any leaks in the home, and you can fix the issues as soon as possible before it causes water damage.


Preventing water damage in your home is the best decision you can make by following the tips above rather than looking for a company to hire for water damage restoration. Invest in basement waterproofing and other crucial projects that will protect your home.