As a homeowner, finding water or excessive moisture in your basement can be quite concerning. Trying to uncover where the moisture originated can be a difficult task at times. There are many reasons that can lead to water or moisture buildup in your basement, a burst pipe, too much humidity or even water seeping in through your basement’s concrete floors. Here we look to answer why would water come up through the basement floor?

Why would water come up through the basement floor?

Here are some potential reasons why this could happen:

Concrete is Porous

One of the main reasons why water can seep through your basement floor is that concrete, which is what your basement floor is likely made of, is porous. As rain and melting snow settles around your home’s foundation it seeps into the ground making its way down into the earth. This water can settle under your home, and due to the excessive amounts of pressure this water is under, it can be forced against the backside of your concrete floors and eventually finds its way through the porous concrete and into your basement.

Cracks in your Floor

As mentioned above, as the ground becomes saturated with water, there is a buildup of hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can cause water to seep into your basement by pushing through the cracks in your concrete floor, as this is the point of least resistance for the water. Sealing these cracks with a concrete filler will help eliminate water from coming into your basement through these cracks.

Problems with Drainage System

Water coming up from your basement floor can also be caused by damage to your main drainage system. If you have a cracked or broken drain pipe, it could lead to excessive amounts of water pooling under your home. This water will need to find a place to go, and unfortunately in some cases it can move up through your basement floor.

Leaky Pipes

Most homes have their main mechanical elements housed in the basement, this includes the incoming water supply, hot water tank and pipes to bring the water to different areas of your home. If one of these pipes becomes damaged, it could lead to large amounts of water in your basement. If the main line is damaged around the area where it enters your home, it may be mistaken for water entering through your floor.

Above we highlighted some of the main reasons why is water coming up from the basement floor.  The good news is that there is preventative maintenance you can complete to avoid or at least reduce the damage caused by water damage in your basement including sealing cracks in your basement floor, completing basement waterproofing including the installation of a sump pump and having a water sensor installed in your basement to notify any water buildup.