What Is a French Drain?

The roles of basement waterproofing cannot be overemphasized in any building. And as a part of basement waterproofing, a French drain can be constructed. Do you wish to know what a French Drain is? Read more. What Is a French Drain? A French drain is a drainage system that is constructed to drain water from […]

What is the Average Life Span of a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are an essential appliance for basement waterproofing. They are installed in the sump pit dug to collect excess water from the foundation and prevent water seepage into the basement. Due to their location, their lifespan is almost always ignored by most people. And it is until they become faulty that their lifespan and […]

How do I Make My Water Heater Last Longer?

More often than not, water heaters are ignored until they break down. The level of inconveniences experienced during a failure of water heaters is better imagined. The reason is that you do not realize how indispensable your water heater is until it stops working. To prevent your appliance from failing you, it is essential that […]

5 Summer Plumbing Tips

Summertime is the busiest period in most homes as more water will be in use. Kids would be at home, and more water will be required for laundry, garden or lawn watering, toilet use, pool time, and much more. To avoid most plumbing issues that most homes face during the summer, read the 5 summer […]

What Damage can a Leaking Gutter Cause?

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their gutters and this is completely understandable. But, as soon as they find out about the possible damages, they clean the gutters 5 times more than necessary. Having a leaky gutter can lead to many dangerous things, but before we begin listing the damages, we should mention the […]

How do I Stop My Sump Pump from Overflowing?

Basement floods aren’t on anybody’s bucket list, nonetheless, they are the most common occurrence in homes. Since the main symbols of our climate here in Canada are rain and snow, basement waterproofing, sump pumps and floods are frequent topics. This is because rain and snow don’t make things much easier for the basement. In fact, […]