Basement wall cracks is the common problem of most houses. After a house has been built, it takes 8-12 years for it to settle. It is during this period of time and the reason why most cracks appear. After the foundation wall cracks you may not even notice it right away. It may be a very thin hairline crack at first, but with the years and temperature variations, it will expand and at some point water will enter the basement. This is why it is important to fix foundation cracks as soon as you can.

There are two common ways of fixing these types of leaks:

  • Internal solution, using crack injection technique
  • External solution that involves excavation
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Special ports are installed on the crack, and then the entire length of it is covered with two-component epoxy. In about 40 minutes, after the epoxy has completely hardened, the crack is injected with another type of epoxy through the previously installed ports.

If there is moisture in the crack, then the epoxy cannot be used and the crack has to be injected with polyurethane. This particular material reacts with moisture and turns into expending foam, sealing the entire cavity. Then it takes about 72 hours for the injected epoxy or polyurethane to cure.


The external method requires exposing the crack from the outside, which means digging out a section of the foundation wall. After the crack has been exposed, cleaned and dried, we cut into the crack on a 45-degree angle on both sides, making it wider. Then the foundation crack is filled with hydraulic cement, and waterproofed using rubberized asphalt membrane and DELTA MS waterproofing membrane.

An important step in the external solution is to check the condition of the existing weeping tile (the pipe installed next to the footing that collects and drains away ground water). This is done by drain camera inspection. Then weeping tile is covered with approximately 1′ of clean 3/4 grovel, then fabric filter is installed and the hole is backfilled – tamping down the soil gradually.

For the foundation cracks wider then 3/16″ we recommend a combination of internal and external solutions

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