Concrete Flooring Solutions

Concrete flooring is famous for its strength and durability. The superstition that concrete has a place only in commercial application had been sunk into oblivion. Concrete is widely used for various interior and exterior applications, such as floors, walkways, driveways etc. Variety of concrete colours, coatings and polishes make it ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Concrete flooring is both functional and elegant; it will enhance any space. Aquamaster Plumbing offers functional and stylish concrete flooring solutions at the most affordable prices in Mississauga and Toronto. We offer various types of concrete floorings, so you can choose the floor that will suit your specific flooring needs. If you’re thinking about new flooring, our experts will pour concrete floor for you. The quality of our work is guaranteed because we use only the latest technologies and the most high-quality materials. Aqua Master has been dealing with concrete flooring for over 6 years and we know what our clients need to be satisfied with the result.

For more detailed information about concrete flooring, please contact Aqua Master Plumbing by phone or email and our professional experts will answer all your questions concerning new concrete floor.

Exterior, Cementitious Concrete Resurfaces

We use polymer-modified cement materials for the resurfacing of existing concrete, proper for decorative finishes on sidewalks, driveways, steps and anywhere that has exposed concrete. Light gray shades of a concrete guarantees spick and span look to the surface for many years.

All-Climate, Flexible Cementitious Membrane for Concrete

Waterproofing and Protection

We use cold-resistant cementitious membrane that provides external waterproofing protection to the concrete. It also protects concrete from deleterious substances and mechanical damages.

Flowable Two-Component Repair Mortar

This is a two-component shrinkage-compensated mortar with corrosion inhibitor, ideal for reinstatement or repair of exterior concrete structures and residential applications. It also helps to conceal surface defects and disparities, protecting the concrete from pollution and demolition.

Fast-Setting Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead

One-component polymer-modified, shrinkage-compensated cementituous repair mortar with a corrosion inhibitor. Suitable for all exterior and interior applications, renovation of various concrete structures, repair of surfaces which undergo high abrasion.

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