Backwater Valve Backflow Prevention

Brand new backwater valveA serious problem encountered by most homeowners sooner or later is the backflow from the local municipal sewer system into the pipes of their home. When waste from the outside sewer system flows backwards due to excess rainwater – the result is usually basement flooding. Essentially, the backflow is raw sewage that’s being pumped back through the pipes in your home. Cleaning up that kind of mess is a nightmare. Repeat flooding of raw sewage can also cause extensive damage through contamination and water damage to floors and walls. At Aquamaster, we’ve helped many homeowners and businesses in Toronto, and around the GTA, with backflow prevention by installing a backwater valve.

If a home has foundation drains, downspouts and other drains connected to a main sewer line, then installing a backwater valve is absolutely necessary to prevent disasters. A backwater valve is either installed on the main sewer line, also called the main sewer lateral, by digging a hole in the foundation floor, or it is installed on the main sewer line outside of the home by digging a hole on the property. In addition, all foundation drains and downspouts must be disconnected from the main sewer line and routed elsewhere. If this is not done than excess water pressure can build up under the foundation and cause structural damage.

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A backwater valve is only as effective as the plumbers that install it. If the backwater valve is not installed at the proper angle, or in the proper location, it won’t close properly and stop the backflow of sewage. A backwater valve is essentially a device with a flap that is designed to flip up and close when it detects the flow of water moving back in the wrong direction. This is why correct placement of the valve is critical. It has to be placed on the part of the sewer line that’s sloped at just the right angle – otherwise the valve can’t detect backflow properly.

A backwater valve is a relatively simple device, but it is not simple to install. Any miscalculations during the installation can spell disaster. Backwater valves can also fill with debris and should be professionally maintained with regular cleaning. Aquamaster plumbers have extensive experience with backwater valves and know how to install and maintain them properly. If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, give us a call so we can asses if installing a backwater valve is the right solution for you.

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