Sump Pump Installation & Repair Toronto

Wet and leaky basement decreases general value of the house. If your basement is wet, flooded and moldy, a sump pump may be the solution to this problem. It is an effective way of protecting your basement from water damage. Sump pump will automatically remove all water that collects in your basement.

Install a Sump Pump and Save Up To $1,750!

Every homeowner must hire a licensed company to do waterproofing upgrades. Working with licensed experts like Aquamaster Drain, Plumbing & Waterproofing Inc. will guarantee the highest quality of sump pump installation, and also will help you to save your family budget participating in the Flooding Subsidy Program. Our experienced and reliable specialists will carry out the installation or repair quickly and responsibly at a minimum cost.

Sump pump is the easiest and the most effective solution to wet basements. If you need installation or repair in Toronto or Mississauga, contact Aquamaster by phone or email.

Take Advantage of the City of Toronto Subsidy Program!

In an effort to help homeowners prevent basement flooding from increased rainfall, the city of Toronto has implemented a subsidy program that gives homeowners cash toward the cost of flood proofing their homes. With extra severe weather in recent years, city officials feel that certain types of modifications to private residences would offset catastrophic damage and save the city, and homeowners, millions of dollars in preventable costs.

The program was assessed and developed by city engineers to determine which types of flood prevention would prove to be the most effective. Additionally, the goal of the program is to help an already over-taxed city sewer system by modifying drainage systems in homes so fewer residents are adding to the water level in Toronto’s sewer system during severe weather.

Furthermore, with fewer homes linked to the city sewer system, there is less chance of private homes flooding if the water level in the city system backs up. For a limited time, the city of Toronto is offering to pay 80% of installation costs, up to $3400, to homeowners who install the following:

brand new sump pump

Sump Pump SAVE UP TO 1,750

Sump pump is a pump installed in a cement pit in your basement that pumps water out of your basement if it rises above a certain level. In the event of a flood, the motor in the sump pump turns on automatically and starts pushing water into an outtake pipe that pushes water away from the basement and the foundation.

Brand new backwater valve

Backwater Valve SAVE UP TO $1,250

A backwater valve is simply a valve attached to your home’s pipe connection to the city sewer system. The valve allows water and sanitary sewage to flow out of your home, but it keeps everything from flowing back in, in the event the city sewer system overflows and starts pushing water back into your home. Our experienced contractors can tell you if your home would benefit from this addition.

Pipe capping and severance SAVE UP TO $400

If the downspouts on your home are connected to the municipal sewer system, they can contribute to flooding in severe weather. Severing these pipes is recommended to minimize flooding. Capping pipe connections to the main sewer pipe and then rerouting downspouts away from your property and the sewer system is a job for professional contractors who can recommend alternatives for safely collecting extra rainwater.

In order to be eligible for the subsidy program, licensed contractors who are legally registered with the city of Toronto must do all modifications and repairs. The professionals at Aquamaster Drain, Plumbing and Waterproofing Inc. are licensed, experienced and knowledgeable about the proper procedures for applying for the subsidy. Please fill out the contact form or call (416)939-6379

Applying for the subsidy can be a complicated process. A city inspector must inspect all new drainage modifications, additions and repairs to approve subsidy monies. If anything is done wrong, the application can be denied after the work is completed and paid for.

At Aquamaster Drain, Plumbing & Waterproofing Inc., our expert staff has helped many customers around Toronto get approved for the subsidy. We’ve helped Toronto residents keep their homes watertight and flood-proof with professional, fully guaranteed work.

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