As a homeowner, there aren’t many things that are scarier than a flood. Water and excess moisture in your home can lead to significant damage to your property and belongings as well as pose some serious health risks. Standing water can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on any organic material in your basement, including wood and fabric.

If you notice water in your basement, this should be a cause for concern. Not only can this water cause the issues outlined above, but it can be an indication of a more serious underlying issue. One of your first steps should be to identify where the water is coming from.

A common issue is water coming up from your basement floor, the ground collects moisture, and since your basement floor is well below surface level, it has moisture surrounding it at all times. To help provide direction for those homeowners that may find water coming up from their basement floor, we asked our basement waterproofing specialists for some insights on how to stop water from coming up through your basement floor. Here is what they had to say.

How to Stop Water from Coming up Through The Basement Floor

Inspect Your Gutters and Downspouts

Clean your gutters and make sure any water coming out from your downspouts is directed away from your home. This may seem a little strange, why look to the top of your home, to correct an issue at the bottom. Here is the coloration, your gutters collect all of the runoff rain and melting snow that is accumulated from your roof (this is a lot of water). If your gutters are clogged, the water can escape down the downspout and instead overflows over the side and down the wall of your home. This water eventually pools around your home’s foundation and seeps into the ground creating force against your foundation and basement floor. If there is a tiny crack or opening this accumulated water will find its way in.

The same reasoning is why it is important to add extensions to your downspouts and ensure that water is being directed away from your home, as you don’t want it to pool around your foundation leading to problems.

Waterproof Your Basement

If you notice water is coming into your basement from your foundation floors or walls, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. There are two ways you can waterproof your basement, either internal waterproofing or external waterproofing. The methods are very similar, the difference really lies with on which side of your foundation wall the process is being completed. With interior basement waterproofing, a waterproof membrane installed on the inside of your foundation walls and a trench is dug around the edge of your basement floor for the installation of weeping tile for additional drainage. For external basement waterproofing, the process is the same just conducted on the outside of your foundation walls. Waterproofing your basement will prevent water from entering your basement through the walls and floors as well it will help drive water away from your home through the underground drainage system. 

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is designed to pump water from your basement out and away from your home. The benefit of a sum pump is that its catch basin is below your foundation floor, allowing it to catch some of the water trying to push up from below your basement floor and removing it from the area. This process will reduce the hydrostatic pressure, further reducing the possibility of water coming up through your basement floor. 

Finding water in your basement can be very concerning, and ultimately the best way to stop water from coming up through your basement floor is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Above our basement waterproofing specialists shared three tips on how to stop this issue from happening. Well, if completed early enough, you will never have to deal with the negative effects of water in your basement. Having a sump pump installed at the same time as your basement waterproofing is a great way to prevent any potential basement flooding scenarios. 

If you are concerned about your basement flooding or if you have noticed water coming up from your basement floor, don’t delay call Aquamaster Plumbing and waterproofing today at 416-939-6379 to schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals.