Do Sump Pumps Prevent Flooding?

Basement floods are common in almost every part of the world. They can occur more frequently in wet and moisty areas, but are also a threat for homes in dry climates. The best way of protecting homes from unwanted floods is basement waterproofing. It is a costly and time-consuming process which involves digging up your […]

How do Basements Flood?

Basement waterproofing is a commonly done procedure for wet basements. It is done either externally or internally and it ensures that your basement stays nice and dry. For homes which are located in rainy and snowy areas, a basement flood becomes a regular visitor. This mainly happens because of malfunctions in your home’s drainage system....

Different Ways to Clean and Repair Your Drains

Cleaning and repairing drains can be easily done in cases of small malfunctions. To recognize you have drainage issues, start observing the way water behaves in your home. There are several signs of clogged or broken drains and pipes. These signs include mold growth, slow drainage, sewer back-ups, wall cracks or leaks and unpleasant odours....

How to Increase the Height of My Basement?

Times have changed and basements aren’t used anymore simply for storage. We constantly stumble upon images of people decorating window wells and making their basements unique part of homes. Some have even made them as bowling alleys. Plus converting your basement and making it more enjoyable is surely a great investment, especially if your...

What is Causing My Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure in your home is definitely a source of anger especially when it makes some annoying activities as washing dishes last longer. You don’t have to settle for an extremely long and difficult shower. If low water pressure is your problem, do not bug yourself more about it because here are some possible […]