Experts suggest cleaning the gutters at least 2 times a year, before or after the rainy seasons. The gutter helps your roof and home in getting rid of excess water. And even though water is powerful and extremely dense, debris can still get in its way and redirect its path.

Here are some consequences of not cleaning your gutters and damaging the drainage system:

What Happens if You Don't Clean Gutters?

1. Roof Leaks

If you haven’t had the habit of regularly cleaning your gutters then they are most probably damaged. Insufficient gutters do not drain the water properly and cause it to travel to other places. Another threat for unclean gutters is ice during winter. If not cleaned, ice will start creating a massive and dangerous clog, causing snow water to enter the home through cracks, bricks and ceiling.

2. Roof Replacement

One of the worst-case scenarios caused by unclean gutters is roof replacement. Long lasting poor gutter hygiene eventually will shorten the lifespan of your roof and cause severe damage. Depending on the material, roofs have a lifespan from 18-100 years. Not cleaning them up regularly along with ignoring the gutters can cut those numbers in half.

Homeowners can take technological advancements for granted, but try to avoid doing that and simply run a hose through your gutters at least 2 times a year. You should call a professional roofing company that is licensed and insured for roof replacements.

3. Basement Flooding

Unclean gutters start to become heavier with time as more and more debris keeps building up. Their weight cannot be supported by the structure any more so they start to get loose and change their location.

And, Murphy’s law state that the new location will point the gutters directly to the basement windows and surroundings, allowing water to enter the inside of your basement and cause severe leaks, cracks and even mold growth.

4. Mold Growth

Mold growth may appear even if the drainage system is perfectly functioning. Imagine what unclean gutters, leaky pipes and an overflowing sump pump would do! When the water is travelling outside of the drainage system, it gets in contact with other home materials. Wood is the one most vulnerable to water as it immediately rots when getting in contact with it. Rotten wood is the ideal environment for mold growth and therefore asthma attacks and allergies.

5. Damaged Foundation

When even a tiny part of the drainage system doesn’t work, even if it’s a weeping tile or a sump pump switch; serious damage happens in homes. The home’s foundation gets cracked or damaged when excess water starts uncontrollably travelling through walls.

When unclean gutters direct your water everywhere besides in the disposal area, where do you think that water goes? First, it makes tiny leaks then tiny cracks and then it starts moving inside and around, exploring new concurred territories while damaging the home’s foundation.

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